Coffee of Naples

Types of coffee

The plant

There are many coffee plant varieties, but the most common ones used for roasting coffee are the Coffea Arabica, the Coffea Robusta, the Coffea Liberica and the Coffea Excelsa. The most famous one is the Arabica, especially the Moka variety with small beans with a very intense perfume.

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Coffee preparations

The legend

There are many legends about the benefits and the preparation of a coffee cup. According to one legend the Yemenite monks decided to prepare the first coffee cup after observing some lively goats, which had just eaten some berries. According to another one, Mohammed supposedly received a cup of coffee by the Archangel Gabriel.

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Coffee plantations

The plantations

The most important coffee plantations are in Brazil, the largest world coffee producer. An amazing description of the African plantations might be found in Karen Blixen’s book “Out of Africa”. Actually the writer owned large plantations in Kenya, which were destroyed by a prolonged drought.

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Merits coffee

Interesting facts

Maybe not everyone knows that the word “coffee” comes from “Qhawa”, a Turkish word meaning wine or exciting drink and from “Kawa”, an Arabic word meaning “vegetal drink”. After oil, steel and wheat, coffee ranks fourth in the world’s trading scale.

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Caffeine and coffee


Caffeine is the most important and well-known component of coffee. It stimulates the nervous system, gives mental lucidity, memory, boosts concentration, improves the speaking skills, relieves fatigue and stimulates the muscle tone. It is a good remedy, beneficial for your health.

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Preparing coffee


The preparation of the Neapolitan coffee is different than the classic one. The coffee maker is made of four assembled elements, including a water chamber, a serving chamber, a filter fitting for coffee and a filter cap.

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