Some interesting facts about coffee in Naples

Despite being such a famous and loved plant, maybe not all the interesting facts about the coffee in Naples are known, not only from this area:
• For example, the word coffee comes from Qhawa, a Turkish word, which means wine or exciting drink, and from Kawa, an Arabic word, which literally means “vegetal drink”.
• The coffee plant belongs to the family of the Rubiacee, it grows at an altitude ranging from 800 to 2000m and in humid soil at a temperature ranging from 15 and 25°C.
• Pellegrino Artusi, one of the main names of the culinary arts, defines the coffee as follows: “The drink of the intellectuals, friend of the scholars, scientists and poets, because shaking one’s nerves, it clears your mind, makes the imagination more vivid and the thoughts quicker”.
• For a long time in Europe the “Cafes” were the places where you might find the newspapers.
• The stock exchanges of the main cities in the world set every day the price of coffee.
• After oil, steel and wheat, coffee ranks fourth in the international trading scale.
• More than 25 million people work in the coffee industry, produced in 70 countries around the world.
• The main world’s producer is Brazil with 18 million quintals, followed by Colombia with 6.5 million quintals, Indonesia with 4 million, Mexico and Ethiopia.
• Coffee is the most common drink in the world after water. Every day 2.5 billion cups are drunk all over the world.
• In Italy the average consumption is 4.5 kg per person, two coffee cups a day.
• The first country for coffee consumption is not Italy, as you may think, bu Finland with 13 kg per person.
• The most common coffee plants are Coffea Arabica and Robusta. The Arabica coffees are sweeter and less creamy, the Robusta ones have an intense flavour and contain double as much caffeine than the others.
• The espresso contains from 60 to 120 milligram caffeine, the American coffee from 97 to 125 mg.
These are only some of the many interesting facts about coffee in Naples and in many other parts of the world.