Preparation of coffee in Naples

The preparation of coffee in Naples is made with the “Cuccumella”, a slightly different coffee pot than the classic Moka pot. The Neapolitan coffee maker is composed of four parts: the water chamber, the serving chamber, the filter fitting and the filter cap. Start by putting water in the water chamber, which should reach 5 mm below the small hole for the steam. The coffee powder in the filter fitting should be less fine than the one used for the Moka pot and should not be pressed. Once the filter cap is screwed on the filter fitting, these two elements should be secured on the water chamber, with the two handles in the same position. The coffee pot is then put on the stove and, once the water boils, the steam comes out of the small hole in the water chamber. At this point the pot must be flipped over. The filter fitting, at this point, should be under the water chamber. The water, pouring down, passes through the filter and the coffee powder and is then gathered in the serving chamber. Through the spout you may pour the coffee into the cups.

The preparation of coffee in Naples has become very important and the protagonist of the Neapolitan life. An authentic Neapolitan citizen like Eduardo De Filippo described the preparation of coffee in some of his plays with catastrophic consequences for his protagonists if it was not properly prepared. You may read some of the funny passages in which he tells the “tragedy” of a coffee prepared in an improper way in “Natale in casa Cupiello” (“Christmas at Cupiello’s”): in the first act the protagonist Lucariello wakes up, embittered by the awful coffee prepared by his wife Concetta. In another play “Questifantasmi!” (“These ghosts!”),written in 1945, Eduardo makes a true speech about coffee and how to make it.