Coffee supplies
in Naples

Caffè Vesuvio Cuore Napoletano provides excellent coffee supplies in Naples and its province. Coffee has become such an important drink for the Neapolitans and, generally speaking, for the Italians, that it is impossible to remember when its consumption began. There are many legends concerning the origin of coffee. The most famous one is about the Yemenite monastery Chehodet. According to this legend, the monks noticed that a shepherd called Kaldihad very lively goats. They observed that such goats used to eat strange berries. They then decided to prepare a drink with those berries, hoping they could pray longer. According to another legend, it was an imam of an Arabic monastery who prepared an herbal tea and gave it to the monks. They managed to stay awake all night with no efforts.
According to another tale, Mohammed, feeling sick, was helped by the Archangel Gabriel, who gave him a powerful potion, dark like the Sacred Black Stone of Mecca, given to him by Allah. The drink was called “qawa” and Mohammed immediately felt better after drinking it. Also Ali ben Omar saw an angel inviting him to go on with his journey to the city of Moka, devastated by the plague, where he should bring the body of his master Shadeli. There, through his prayers to Allah, he healed many people, including the princess he fell in love with. The king got angry and sent him away. The poor Ali ben Omar, forced to live in the mountains, prayed to his master, who sent him a very beautiful bird. Omar got close to admire it and, once he got there, he discovered a coffee plant. He took the beans and made an herbal tea for the pilgrims. Everybody started to talk about the magic properties of this drink, so the monk was readmitted to the kingdom with honours.
Whatever the story at the origin of the coffee consumption is, the company Caffè Vesuvio Cuore Napoletano guarantees, today like in the past, its coffee supplies in Naples for all the lovers of this special drink.