Organic coffee
in Naples

Caffè Vesuvio Cuore Napoletano produces Arabica organic coffee in Naples. However, there are many varieties of coffee plants, all belonging to the Rubiaceae family, which includes 4500 varieties with 60 species of the Coffea genus. Among these, only 25 are traded for their fruits, but the ones used for roasting coffee are the Coffea Arabica, the Coffea Robusta, the Coffea Liberica and the Coffea Excelsa. The most famous one is the Arabica, cultivated and selected for many centuries, and especially the Moka variety, with its small beans with a very intense perfume. It has a copper green colour and a flat and elongated shape. Other Arabic varieties are the “Tipica” and the “Bourbon”, which are both very appreciated in Brazil and the “Maragogype” appreciated for its especially big beans. The organic coffee in Naples produced by Caffè Vesuvio Cuore Napoletano blends all these varieties. 

The Arabica plants grow better in soils rich in minerals, especially volcanic, above 600 m, whereas the ideal temperature is approximately around 20°C. another cultivated variety is the Coffea Robusta with its typical umbrella-shaped branches, which blossom all over the year. Unlike the Coffea Arabica, its beans are small and rounded and the plant has a very intense perfume. 

The Coffea Robusta was discovered in Congo and is currently used to produce coffee because it resists to many plant diseases. Furthermore, it grows easily in the plainsand has lower production costs than the other Arabica varieties. The Coffea Liberica comes, as its name says, from Liberia and its beans are almost double as big as the ones of the Arabica variety. It is very resistant to parasites and needs high temperatures and plenty of water. The flavour of this coffee is less fine than the other Arabica varieties, however the flavour of the drink is especially appreciated in Scandinavia.
In 1904 the Coffea Excelsa was discovered. It is very resistant to the diseases and droughts. Its beans have an excellent yield and, if aged, produce a perfumed and pleasing drink, similar to the coffee produced with the Coffea Arabica variety.