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Coffee events in Naples

Caffè Vesuvio Cuore Napoletano organizes many coffee events in Naples, like Valentine’s day.
Coffee is a passion that warms your heart, improves your energy and keeps you awake: all these ingredients are crucial to spend an unforgettable Valentine’s day. Yes, coffee means also these things. Coffee is often demonized, but in some cases it is a true remedy, which helps have a long life. Sometimes you fall in love more easily in front of a good cup of coffee. That’s why more than 100 people have subscribed to the event “Love caffè” organized by Caffè Vesuvio Cuore Napoletano on Valentine’s day. Valentine’s day has therefore become the coffee day par excellence.
If you participate to this event, you receive the book “Ricetted’amore al cuoredi caffè” (“Love recipes with coffee heart”) which includes some timeless recipes like the Cassata of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, revisited by chef PeppeGiuffrè and many other dishes prepared with coffee. This book of recipes was written to seduce and fall in love, because a bit of love is very important nowadays.
Every client is then invited to write a love message shared on the web under the hashtag #loveCaffè. Therefore it becomes a collective work inspired to coffee, to celebrate this unique and special drink. This is only one of the many coffee events in Naples organized by Caffè Vesuvio Cuore Napoletano, which is programming many other unique events.